The ancient Maya enigmas allure you to the heart of Mezoamerica.One of the most advanced and cultural civilizations left us the largest number of mysteries: from pyramids to the calendar, from strange beliefs to their mystical disappearance from the face of earth. A unique Maya wall paintings, come down to us through thousands of years, display notions of this wise and brutal civilization about the universe, nature, human race and its relationship with cosmos.

In this game as a researcher of an ancient Mexican culture you find yourself in front of the wall, which depicts three mysterious Mayan drawings. But some bits of them, alas, are crumbled and messed up...

Since the beginning of their civilization (approximately 3,000 years ago) the Maya have related stories, legends and fables about mythical beings and the laws of nature. Today these stories get us closer to the thoughts of what was one of the greatest people of Mezoamerica.

Your goal is to unravel some of these mysteries by collecting precious fragments of paintings on grain and to reconstruct three Maya legends on your own! Each story provides another level of complexity. Each level you need to complete 10 paintings, which gradually recreate key moments of the legend plot, and once again to outwit the mighty god Kizin.

Some innovations distinguish this puzzle from lots of previous. Blocks can be moved in any directions within boundaries of a playing field - right and left, up and down. To optimize the game process you're able to slide a few blocks at one time.

Picture by picture accomplished paintings take their places in the row on a wall. The game is based on a real mythology! A dumb presentation of three beautiful Yucatec Maya legends is unfolding before a player-researcher step by step:

The Wood Pigeon is the easiest level.

... And the witch thrust a thorn into his neck and with that the young man became a dove. He flew up and went to the lake and settled on a branch. After a little while he saw the woman and, unable to contain himself, he lay down by her feet and caressed her a thousand times. The woman took him in her hands and, petting him, took out the thorn from his neck. She should never have done it!

Maya's Sadness is the medium level of hardness.

... One day, all the animals drew near to a Maya man and said to him:
- We do not like to see you so sad. Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it.

The Man Who Sold His Soul is the hardest level.

Once upon a time, a good but unfortunate man decided to sell his soul to the devil to get himself out of his troubles. He invoked Kizin and when he had him there, face to face, he told him what he wanted. Kizin liked the idea of taking away the soul of a good man...

When creating the game, we have carefully studied culture of the Mezoamerica, and were inspired by Mayan folklore and art. Graphic of wall paintings are as close as possible to the actual drawings discovered by archaeologists.

Your personal portal to the Mayan lore in the new game by Avallon Alliance.

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